The Past 12 Linux Kernels Benchmarked

[ Thanks to Michael Larabel for this
link. ]

Taking a break from our graphics excitement last week with the
release of AMD’s 8.42.3 Display Driver, we have finished our
largest (and most time consuming) Linux performance comparison to
date. We have taken the last 12 major kernel releases, from Linux
2.6.12 to Linux 2.6.23, built them from source and set out on a
benchmarking escapade. This testing also includes the Linux
2.6.24-rc1 kernel. From these benchmarks you can see how the Linux
kernel performance has matured over the past two and a half

“First off, the hardware we had used for this large kernel
round-up was the same as what we had used in our Linux For Older PC
Hardware article where we had compared the performance of Fedora 7,
Mandriva 2008 Beta 1, and SimplyMEPIS 7…”

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