The quest for more � when $20 billion isn�t enough

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“Over $20bn. Twenty billion dollars. It’s an
unquantifiable amount of money, which, were it to be delivered in
cash, would surely result in the closure of a couple of motorways
just to get it from A to B. It’s also the kind of money that’d fill
a couple of buildings, and surely require half the staff of a bank
to count out.

“$20bn. That’s got to be enough cash for anyone, right? Er, no.
As it turns out, no it isn’t. For in announcing its last set of
quarterly results, Apple declared that its quarterly revenues had
eclipsed the $20bn mark in just three months, of which a staggering
$4.31bn was profit. You do the maths – $4.31bn of straight
profit in under 100 days is surely enough to pay for anybody’s
Christmas party.

“And yet it wasn’t enough.”

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