The Recipe for Linux’s Netbook Success

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“While Linux has been a player in the netbook market
since the beginning, NPD Group recently reported that Microsoft
Windows now represents 96 percent of the market. Amidst that
backdrop, what will take for Chrome OS and other Linux vendors to
capture share in the netbook market?

“Linux will naturally capture more share on netbooks as
Microsoft economics prove unrealistic for this market,” Amanda
McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs at
the Linux Foundation told InternetNews.com. “Microsoft as it
existed for the past 20 years does not fit into a world of free
carrier-backed netbooks and an Internet OS.”

“Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) currently makes Window XP available to
netbook vendors and is currently working on a version of Windows 7
for netbooks. Microsoft told InternetNews.com earlier this year
that Windows on Notebook PCs in the U.S have gone from under 10
percent in unit sales during the first half of 2008 to 96 percent
as of February 2009.”

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