The Register: Benchmark battles – now Linux beats NT

“In the wake of the latest in the round of NT versus Linux
face-offs German magazine c’t has published the results of its own
tests of the two operating systems. The c’t tests, conducted by
Jurgen Schmidt, were intended to assess the two rivals in ‘real
life’ situations of the sort Linux is supposed to be good at.

“Linux does a lot better than it has in the ‘clash of armour’
benchmarks we’ve seen so far, and Schmidt makes a number of
eminently valid and sensible observations concerning the real
operation of Web servers. (Full c’t report)

“The tests pitted NT 4.0 and IIS against SuSE Linux 6.1 and
Apache on a quad 450MHz Xeon Siemens server with two gigs RAM, twin
EtherPro 100 boards and a RAID system. One of the first ‘real life’
differences between the c’t and Mindcraft tests was the use of
RAID-5 rather than RAID-0. Mindcraft’s use of the latter was aimed
at performance, while c’t went for a more realistic
performance/stability compromise.”