The Register: Don’t run Win2k, ‘early adopter’ IBM tells staff

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and John Sowa for
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“IBM’s enthusiasm for Windows 2000 has cooled somewhat,
according to an company internal memo obtained by US publication
Smart Reseller. According to the memo, which is said to have been
sent to all employees, “IBM employees are not permitted to directly
or indirectly connect Windows 2000 to the IBM production network

“…Back in October IBM VP Dick Sullivan was telling us IBM was
early-adopting Win2k as its standard desktop OS, and would be
rolling it out to 300,000 seats. In December Microsoft and IBM
announced a series of joint Win2k readiness initiatives, designed
to “help the companies’ mutual customers make a smooth transition
to the new operating system.””

“But now, says Smart Reseller, IBM is telling its staff that
Win2k contains components that may “interfere with IP network
services (DHCP function)” and that this could impact on the
availability of IBM’s worldwide network.”