The Register: Everything you ever wanted to know about CPRM, but ZDNet wouldn’t tell you…

1. What is CPRM?
“CPRM or Content Protection for Recordable Media is a mechanism for
controlling the copying, moving and deletion of digital media on a
host device, such as a personal computer, or other digital player.
It’s already used in specific removable media, and is now being
proposed for inclusion in the ATA specification, for hard

“Each CPRM-compatible ATA hard drive is individually signed, and
authenticates the playback and movement of files on the device
against a central server using CPRM-compliant software.”

“2. Is CPRM going to go into hard drives? Has this
already happened? If it hasn’t, will it happen?”

“The NCTIS T.13 committee, which sets the ATA hard disk standard,
will meet for the third time to debate a proposal to extend the ATA
command set to include CPRM in February. The proposal is
“optional”: devices may include CPRM and be deemed “compliant” with
the ATA specification, but not have CPRM available to client


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