The Register: Going up – Linux for Lifts

“The Embedded Linux Consortium, formed recently as a
vendor-neutral trade association is intended to provide a
Linux-based alternative to Microsoft operating systems like Windows
CE and embedded NT. Linus Torvalds has given ELC his blessing.”

“The ELC was proposed by Rick Lehrbaum of LinuxDevices, who runs
the PC/104 Consortium, and who will serve as interim chairman. More
than 20 companies — notably excluding Microsoft — expressed their
support and have pledged sufficient funds to launch ELC….”

“It appears ELC that their focus is really on reliable and
efficient embedded systems, rather than Linux per se, and that in
certain circumstances UNIX could be important. Maybe a better
name for the organisation might be the Embedded and Real-Time
Consortium, with a Linux Group within it.
Such a solution
could solve the problem of the ELC membership fee being a bit steep
for small or one-person Linux outfits, by making it possible for
them to have a lower-cost membership.”