The Register: Microsoft Wins Latest Halloween PR Bout–Without Really Trying

“Microsoft and SCO will be delighted by the reaction to Eric
Raymond’s latest Halloween Memo. Facing fairly incriminating
evidence on the charge that both parties want to wipe out free
software development, Microsoft walked free on the lesser charge of
funding SCO’s specific legal campaign against Linux, under the
Scottish verdict of ‘not proven.’

“How did this happen? It hadn’t been particularly good week for
SCO. The company promised, and promised again to unveil a major
customer for its Intellectual Property License. Computer Associates
was eventually cited, an impressive name indeed. But it turned that
CA hadn’t purchased SCO’s new IP license at all, but bought some
UnixWare licenses from the Canopy Group. Indemnity by other means,
yes, but it was ‘totally wrong’ for SCO to represent this as
legitimizing the IP License…”


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