The Register: Tower Red Hat Linux JVM wins speed trials

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“Java virtual machines, where “bragging rights rest on speed,
speed, speed” according to an article in JavaWorld, have made some
very significant progress in the past few months. In the latest
round of tests by Volcano using their benchmarks, raw server speed
shows significant improvement since May, but in most cases,
stability and scalability have some way to go.”

“JVM top honours went to Tower Technology’s Tower J3.1.4 on
Red Hat’s Linux 6.0
Intel, which was just 1.3 per cent faster
than IBM’s JDK 1.1.8 on Windows NT. This in turn pipped the same
JDK on OS/2 by 6.7 per cent.”

“Microsoft’s VM 3229, as it now has to call its non-standard
JVM, only managed fourth place in the speed trials, so that’s the
end of that bragging about speed by Microsoft that punctuated the
Microsoft trial. The performance of Sun’s HotSpot (sixth) and JDKs
(seventh and eighth) on NT were middling, but better than on
Solaris or Linux. For ease of comparison, all tests were performed
on 200 MHz Pentium Pros, which could in part account for Sun’s
results. We shall have to see whether NT continues to outperform
Windows 2000 JVMs.”