The Road to KDE 4: KDE PIM Libraries and Related Technologies

“KDE has a number of sub-projects that have blossomed into
enormous projects of their own. A number of them, such as KOffice,
or KDE-Edu get a lot of press in the open source world, while the
KDE PIM project has been quietly gaining corporate acceptance as a
suitable enterprise suite. Today’s feature are the libraries that
power the KDE PIM project, and specifically, what changes have
taken place since KDE 3.5.x, wherein the KDE PIM project is one of
the most successful and stable components of KDE. Read on for more

“The KDE PIM (Personal Information Management) team has
stability among their primary goals. As a result, the changes to
KDE PIM are not as flashy as some of the other technologies going
into the KDE 4 applications, and in fact, many of the KDE 4 PIM
applications will initially appear to be direct ports of their KDE
3.x counterparts. However, much of the focus at this point has been
future-proofing technologies, since the opportunity to introduce
new APIs and break old ones does not come around very often. To
that end, a number of new libraries have been developed, and old
ones reworked…”

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