The Small Wonder: Belkin’s Connect N150 Wifi Router is Linux-Friendly

[ Thanks to Rex
for this link. ]

“Yesterday, I stopped by my local Walmart to buy a
wireless router for my network. I wanted something small with good
performance, a good price, and compatible with GNU/Linux.

“As I searched the computer electronics aisle, I saw wireless
routers ranging from over $100 all the way down to about $60.
However, $60 was more than I wanted to spend. I didn’t need
anything fancy, just something that would allow me to get on the
Internet with my IBM T40 laptop and my Dell netbook. I didn’t need
IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g is fast enough for my network needs. I looked
down and I saw the little white and yellow box containing the
Belkin Connect N150. It seemed like a nice looking device, which
made me quite happy. I was even happier when I saw the price:

“Once I saw the price, I had to look at the box to do a little
more research. Would this device be friendly to my network of
Linux-only computers?”

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