The Standard: Same [Browser] War, New Battlefield

“Three out of four Web surfers now use Internet Explorer. But
Netscape hasn’t given up the fight. … While the company still
wants to grab back some of its lost market share in PC-based Web
browsers, this time the real battle will be fought over Internet
appliances, wireless devices and other gadgets that provide Web
access without a PC.”

“…the fight for revenues in the second browser war – both
on PCs and new devices – involves fees for services, advertising
and e-commerce opportunities. The new Netscape browser, and
accompanying content and hardware deals, gives AOL a two-pronged
On personal computers, the browser comes with a host
of features intended to lure non-AOL subscribers to AOL-owned
services like AOL.com, Instant Messenger, ICQ and Spinner.com.”

“AOL is taking a different tack on Web appliances, giving
subscribers a new way to gain access to services they already use.
AOL-enabled devices, manufactured and cobranded by Gateway, include
gizmos for browsing the Net from a kitchen appliance, a wireless
pad and a simplified desktop computer. Linux – not Windows – is the
operating system for the new hardware.”

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