The Tools to Create Your Next Great Novel

“November 1st kicks of National Novel Writing Month—a
chance for budding authors to put pen to paper, or fingers to
keyboards, and bang out a 50,000 word (or more) novel in 30 days.
Sound like fun? Well, it can be. And unless you are really fast
with a pen, most of the budding authors use some sort of software
to write their novel. After all, at a minimum of 1,600 words a day,
that is a lot of ink and paper.

“But even if this is not your first NaNo, you might be
wondering, is there a better program out there for me. The answer
is probably yes, but…. Over the past year I have been looking at
some of the programs that are available for writing novels, and are
Open Source. I hope one of them will help you write your novel.

“To begin, the packages break down into two styles: general word
processors and dedicated story processors. The distinction is
significant and will either help or frustrate your efforts to
create a novel.”

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