TheLinuxGurus.org: Red Hat Linux Administration Tools [Book Review]

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

Just as the title says, this is a book for users of Red Hat
or Red Hat derived distributions such as Mandrake. Normally a book
takes a hit from me if it is distribution specific, in this case I
do not mind as it states on the cover and in the title that this is
for Red Hat owners.
I really hate getting a book home after
paying good money for it only to find it is distribution specific
in many places, luckily you know before hand with this book. As the
title says this is a book on Linux Administration, mainly from the
viewpoint of the person running Linux as a Internet or intranet
server. There is very little in the way of basic administration
tasks such as user administration and file system maintenance. Most
of the subjects are of the intermediate to advanced level.”

“Chapter one is the obligatory ‘how to install Linux’ chapter. I
believe it is some sort of law that all Linux books must have this
chapter and it must be chapter one. However, you are allowed to
drag it out for up to 4 chapters if you wish. If you have never
installed Linux before, or Red Hat Linux, the chapter leads you
through it step by step using Red Hat 6.0 which ships on the
included CD-ROM. The chapter covers planning the installation
including planning for possible pit falls, how to resize partitions
for a dual boot machine, using fdisk, X pitfalls, SCSI
considerations and more. It is a fairly complete guide to
installing Red Hat 6.0 in a server configuration. Anyone, even
someone with no Linux experience should be able to be up and
running in no time.”


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