TheLinuxGurus.org: Review: SuSE Linux 6.3

[ Thanks to David Culp
for this link. ]

“SuSE is my favorite distribution, it has always been good to
me. It includes loads and loads of software, is easy to install and
easy to setup and maintain. It is also cheap. A typical SuSE
distribution bought in a brick and mortar store in the US costs
about $30.00 if not on sale. Cheap is a big factor for me….”

One of the biggest complaints about Linux in the past was
that it was hard to install. This is no longer true, nearly all of
the major distributions have some form of interactive tool to help
in installation and setup. Many of them such as Caldera have a nice
GUI install, with the release of 6.3 SuSE moves into the realm of
GUI install utilities.
The GUI install program is titled
Yast2. Which stands for Yet Another Setup Utility. The first
incarnation of Yast was a menu driven console program for setup and
installation of SuSE Linux. I felt Yast was one of the best tools
for Linux installation and setup available and one of my reasons
for supporting SuSE Linux. I did not like Yast2.”

“I am not a huge fan of graphical installers to begin with, I
really have not found one that gives you the flexibility and power
of some of the older console based installers, such is the case
with Yast2. Yast2 automatically partitioned my hard drive for me.
This was great except that it would not let me repartition the hard
drive if I did not like the choices it made. I had to accept the
default, which was OK because it partitioned it exactly the way I
was going to anyways (maybe Yast2 can read minds?). I would have
liked the option to repartition if I wanted.”