Themes.org: An Interview with Youngjin Hahn – Artwiz

“Youngjin Hahn, better known to many as ‘Artwiz’ is the
subject of our first interview. For those of you that do not know
him, Youngjin Hahn is one of the best GIMP artists there is; he
truely lives up to his nickname.
He has worked on several
projects, including themes.org; created numerous (and excellent)
Blackbox themes; and supplied the community with countless
backgrounds, icons and other images.”

(ElCoronel) And now you use GIMP to make Linux
even ‘prettier’…for those that might not know your work, give us
a brief list of some of the things you’ve done.

(Artwiz) Let’s see here… I’ve made a handful
of site themes for Themes.org, logos for friends and various
acquaintances, a few web sites, some banner ads, wallpapers, and
way, way too many Blackbox themes.”

(ElCoronel) Hrm, 95% of all the images used
the in the Themes.org layout is more than a ‘handful of site
themes’, but thanks for being modest. =) From what you listed, what
are you most proud of?

(Artwiz) Technically, probably some of the
wallpapers I’ve made. I’m really proud of some of my Blackbox
themes though, because I’ve felt that I’ve stretched its theming
capabilities to the limit sometimes.”


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