Themes.org: Seth Spitzer from Netscape — Guest Tile of the Week

Themes.org: What inspired you to start doing [Netscape
channels] for the Linux community?

Seth: A few months ago, I got an e-mail about the
slashdot channel. Two of my co-workers, Robin McCollum and Dan
Libby, set up the… channel… Once they told me how to set up a
new channel, Pandora’s box was opened…”

Themes.org: What other things do you do for

Seth: When I started at Netscape, my job was to port
several server products to several “freak” flavors of UNIX. One of
those “freak” flavors was Linux. I had never worked on a Linux box
before, but after one day of working on it, I was converted…”

Guest Tile of the week
— Seth Spitzer