themestream.com: Inside the make command

[ Thanks to Glenn
for this link. ]

“The make program is a very flexible and powerful tool. Most
of us have some familiarity with it from using it in the
compilation process of the Linux kernel and other source codes that
for whatever reason, we choose to compile rather than install the
binary version. But what is the make command and what else can it
do besides compile programs?”

“The canonical_documentation (authoritative reference) to the
make command is the gnu documentation. If you do decide to read
through all of that, you will know alot about make and probably be
able to imagine various situations in which it could be used
productively. Here are the ideas that I had for using make after
reading the docs.”

“I don’t know what your specific needs are but when I create a
tex file or latex file, I don’t want to have to issue a bunch of
commands to get printable output but that is exactly what you have
to do if you are doing things from the command line. Let’s take a
look at a simple example designed to relieve me of this

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