TheStuff.net: The Mail Suite

Sendmail, Fetchmail, and Mutt are archetypal console based
mail programs. Installed by default on most distributions of Linux,
these applications are widely regarded for their superb
This howto assumes that all the above are
available for configuration on your box, and that you have a dialup
connection to the internet with a single mailbox account.”

“This section of the Mail Suite is written for those who wish to
employ sendmail as a delivery agent, yet do not wish to wander thru
an unfathomable maze of configuration details….”

“Fetchmail is a mail retrieval program, and has the ability to
run in daemon mode such that fetchmail can poll your isp’s mail
server at specific intervals to check for and retrieve new mail.
Fetchmail, although a command line program, can be configured in X
thru a wizard by running “fetchmailconf” in an Xterminal. We will
address how to run fetchmail from the command line first. It is
advised that you attempt this procedure, before configuring from
within X.”


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