Top 10 Linux Distributions for Audio Production

“Have you ever dreamed of building your own music studio? I know
you did and it may come true someday (or not), but until then here
are some very interesting 100% FREE, Open Source Linux
distributions with enhancements and features aimed at music, sound
and even video production.

  1. “JackLab Audio Distribution (JAD for short) is a Linux
    distribution created especially for musicians and producers who
    wish to move over to an Open Source solution. Even if it’s not yet
    in its final version, JackLab tries very hard to provide its users
    with the best professional audio tools on an open source platform.
    The developers choose openSUSE Linux distribution for the grounds
    of JackLab, because they think it’s the most supported, simple and
    easy to use and customize distro…”

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