Top 50 Portable Open Source Apps

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“1) PortableApps.com PortableApps.com is probably the best known
suite of open-source apps that you can download and run from a USB
drive. The basic suite consists of twelve apps, including portable
versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, ClamWin, KeePass, PNotes and
others. In addition, the site includes a huge directory of portable
versions of other software that integrates with the platform.
Operating System: Windows.

“2) winPenPack While its not as well-known as PortableApps.com,
winPenPack also offers dozens of open source apps in portable
versions. You can download the apps individually or you can get the
Full or the Essential suite. Operating System: Windows.

“3) Democrakey If you’re worried (or paranoid) about privacy and
censorship, Democrakey bundles together open source applications
for secure Web browsing, secure e-mail, secure chat, encryption,
file shredding and anti-virus. You can download it to your own USB
drive from the link above or purchase a USB drive with Democrakey
installed from Democrakey.com. Operating System: Windows.

“4) Tor Browser Bundle Like Democrakey, the Tor Browser Bundle
packages together several apps that you can use from a thumb drive
to protect your privacy while surfing. It includes Tor, Vidalia,
Polipo, Firefox, and Torbutton. Operating System: Windows.”

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