Top Free Android E-book Readers

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“Digital books are well established. Project Gutenberg, an
online library of books that can be downloaded free of charge, has
been expanding its collection since 1971. Almost its entire library
consists of books that are available in the public domain, although
there are a few copyright texts which are also included.

“The popularity of digital e-books has been accelerated by a
number of dedicated portable e-book readers. Amazon Kindle, Sony’s
eBook readers, and Barnes and Noble nook are extremely popular
devices which have enabled readers to conveniently access a huge
library of books, magazines and newspapers on the move. What is
particularly noteworthy is that Linux is the operating system that
drives these devices. However, having a separate device to read
e-books is not always desirable. Step forward Android smartphones
and tablets which offer an alternative way to read e-books on the

“There is a good range of free e-book software available for
Android. To provide an insight into that software, we have compiled
a list of 7 of our favorite e-book software. Hopefully, there will
be something of interest here for anyone who wants to read
electronic books on the move. We give our highest recommendation to
Aldiko and FBReader.”

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