Try Ubuntu On Web Browser (Online) via Edubuntu Weblive

[ Thanks to Debjit for this link.

“Edubuntu is an official Ubuntu derivative meant for
educational purposes. Unlike Ubuntu, it comes as a DVD not a CD. If
you want to try it out you have to download the ISO of the DVD and
use the Live Session. Well, this is what most of the Linux dristros
offer so that users can test it before making the final decision to
install it.

“The Edubuntu Team has launched a service called Edubuntu
WebLive so that people can test Edubuntu straight from the internet
without downloading the ISO. For people who just want to see what
Edubuntu has to offer, this is a very good solution.

“If you want to try it as well, click on the link below. (You do
not have to pay anything.)”

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