Try your hand at these open hardware projects for beginners

LED throwies, swimmies, and floaties
Everyone loves light-emitting diodes, and they form the basis for one of the easiest home electronics projects out there: LED throwies. With some cheap components, a watch battery, a magnet, and some electrical tape, you’re on your way to making a bright, throwable widget that sticks to any magnetic surface. And once you master the art of the simple throwie, try stepping it up a notch with some extreme throwies with on-off tabs and waterproof containers. Chapstick LED flashlight

LED Chapstick flashlight
The throwie is easy, but let’s break out the solder gun and make something really useful. With an empty tube of lip balm and some additional components, you can create a working flashlight that fits in even the smallest of pockets. This project requires some specialized parts, like a battery holder and a switch, but they’re all parts you can find easily online or at your local electronics store.