Trying on a new Fedora

“When it comes to reviewing distributions, I find that the most
difficult one to write about is Fedora. Not for technical reasons
— setting up a new install of Fedora is as easy as falling off a
bicycle and typically less painful. The aspect I find difficult is
personal and comes from familiarity. I have used Fedora (and Red
Hat Linux before that) on a regular basis for about a decade. I
find that using anything for that amount of time results in either
becoming accustomed and comfortable with a product’s quirks, or
overly irritated by them. In my relationship with Fedora, I find
I’ve experienced both. Once every six months I find myself
impressed with the wonderful new features put forward by the Fedora
team and, at the same time, I find that little rough patches irk me
more than they should. At any rate, I bring this up because I
really wanted Fedora to have an objective evaluation and, despite
my human nature, I hope I have done that. Please excuse any
evidence of rose-tinted glasses.

“First off, I think it’s worth mentioning that the Fedora
Project has a new website. What was previously a fairly plain white
and blue affair is now a bright and colourful presentation.
Personally, I find the new look appealing and easier to navigate
than the old site. There seems to be more focus on the community
aspect of the project now than on just its technical
characteristics. I think this gives Fedora a more open, friendly
face. I especially enjoy the group photo on the front page which
features a person wearing FreeBSD’s daemon horns, it shows the team
has a sense of humour.”