Tucows BSD News: BSD gets political

“The Reform Party has chosen to to use a real operating system
to serve up it’s online content – OpenBSD. To a tech-savvy computer
user or a system administrator, this could only been seen as a
logical choice.”

“The Libertarian Party also employs BSD – FreeBSD to be precise.
Why not? They use it for the same reason a lot of the rest of us do
– it’s free, it’s powerful, and it’s stable. If you find yourself
in charge of the web site of a political party without the enormous
backing that some others may have, a free operating system only
makes sense. If, on the other hand, your running an established,
rich and powerful political web site – it should still make

“If your interested in Ralph Nader’s presidential bid, you may
also be interested in knowing that the Vote Nader site is running
on BSD/OS. While the Republican Party is using IIS, the Democratic
Party is using Netscape Enterprise on AIX.”


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