Tux Meets Amiga, Part 2: Porting AmiKit to Linux

[ Thanks to Tom
for this link. ]

“During my article on Amiga emulation on the Linux platform I
had deliberately neglected to mention AmiKit as there appeared to
be only MS Windows based executable installers and zip archives on
the AmiKit web site.

“After the article went live, Mike kindly informed us there was
indeed a Linux friendly archive of AmiKit. I emailed the AmiKit
author, Jan Zahurancik, requesting a link to it as there was no
link to be found on the AmiKit web site, only MS centric archives.
He duly replied with 3 links, which Jan has requested I do not show
here as they were not and are not public versions, to AmiKit in zip
and lzx format as well as a link to a PDF file showing how to get
AmiKit working on the Linux platform…”