TuxFiles: The Commercialization of Linux Software

[ Thanks to three55ml for this link.

“Commercial software has finally begun to hit the shelves for
Linux, and this gives people a whole new reason to consider the
operating system. Many of the large software companies that are
beginning to release Linux versions of their applications are Adobe
with Frame Maker, Corel with WordPerfect, id Software with Quake,
and others. By presenting a fully packaged, supported, and well
maintained alternative to many “quick and dirty” programs,
companies are quickly learning that there is money to be made from
Linux users.”

Many people are already probably screaming, “But Linux is
Open Source, and commercial software is our devil!” This is not
entirely true.
Commercial software has the ability to offer
full support through many channels such as email, on site techs,
and call in phone banks, allowing companies maintain a high level
of product. By having this level of support many large companies
will feel more comfortable with using these products, because they
do in fact have someone they can turn to for help, and someone they
can hold accountable for any problems. Although commercial software
has some advantages, Linux would not be the same without Open
Source software.”