Tuxmachines: SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta 2 Report

“The ‘Lizard Blizzard’ continues as OpenSUSE released Beta 2 of
the upcoming SUSE Linux a coupla days ago. So what’s new in this
release since the August 9th release of Beta 1?

“Most of the changes appear to have taken place beneath the
hood, updating software versions, squashing bugs, kernel patches
and the like. But to the nekked eye, upon boot one notices the
koffice icon on the desktop has been replaced by an OpenOffice.org
icon. The late developemental version 1.9.123 of OOo is presently
included with OpenSUSE. I’ve been running a pre-2.0 version of OOo
for months on my gentoo install due to some bugs (or updated
dependencies), and have found it to be very stable and much nicer
looking. Novell lays claim to a ‘Novell Edition’ on OpenSUSE. I
didn’t note anything special about it other than a nice start


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