Tuxme: Installing Gnome 2.8 on SuSE 9.1

[ Thanks to Tuxme
for this link. ]

“After all the RPMs downloaded and installed successfully, I was
left with high hopes. Now the trick was to actually be able to log
in to Gnome. KDM, KDE’s default greeting screen had always logged
me in automatically. The first step was to turn that off. I looked
in the KDE control center, under Session Management, provided my
root password and turned Automatic Logons off. Then a quick logoff
to be presented the KDM greeting screen. There’s a session option
where you can choose other display managers. I chose Gnome and
logged in. What I got was some icons on the desktop and nothing
else… no menus, no taskbars, just an error that gnome-panels
couldn’t start. Well darn. How do I get out of this mess? Luckily
by right-clicking on the desktop I could open a terminal window and
‘sudo reboot’ my machine. Back to KDE and some more thinking.

“I’m sure I could have fiddled with it more, but not wanting to
risk my system stability entirely, I gave it a rest. Besides, I
didn’t want Gnome 2.6 anyways, I wanted Gnome 2.8…”

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