TuxPPC.com: A few thoughts about the future of Yellow Dog Linux…

[ Thanks to Mar
for this link. ]

“Yellow Dog is certainly not dead by any means though.
They need to bite back, and do so quickly. The first thing they
need to do, is make up for the sorry excuse of YDL 2.1, and do so
quickly. The next release of YDL could ultimately decide the fate
of the company and their distribution. First YDL needs to redefine
themselves, continuing as simply a “PowerPC release of RedHat” is
going to leave them in a very precarious position, should RedHat
release for all PowerPC hardware.

Once YDL has redefined themselves, they need to highlight their
strenghs and differences with other distributions in order to
survive. Their biggest strength is their experience and their
support for Apple hardware, along with their business grade
products such as the briQ and Black Lab Linux.

SuSE and Mandrake have both raised the bar in terms of quality
and features when it comes to the installer. Mandrake has done this
quickly with their open rolling development project called Cooker.
YDL has some catching up to do here.”


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