TuxReports.com: Libranet GNU/Linux 2.0: An enhanced Debian Linux Distribution

“I decided to keep the Lbranet distribution on our 32
MB SDRAM system for a few reasons. First, it is a fast system.
Second, many of the systems in this house are based on Red Hat.
It’s good to have a Debian one around. Plus, this Debian
distribution is very easy to use. The menus are logical and
applications loaded properly. In fact, baring the lack of RPM
support, I’ve been pleased with everything in this distribution.
The XAdminmenu are helpful and usable.

I’m also going to go out on a limb. Small businesses that want
to have their employees learning Linux (and not falling behind the
technology curve) should deploy machines with Linux; preferably a
machine that can stand alone as a usable office machine. Libranet
is definitely a viable candidate for Corporate consideration.

TuxReports will continue to work with other distibutions; e.g.
ELX Linux, Lycoris, and Root Linux. However, we are running out of
hardware to keep all of these going as unique environments. Anyone
compeled to donate some hardware?”

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