Tux:Tops: Chander Kant of LinuxCertified

1. How difficult (or easy) it is to support different
Linux distros on laptops? What kind of progress has the 2.6.x
kernel offers in this department?

Chander Kant: While over the years
the support for Laptop hardware within all distributions has
dramatically improved, it still remains a significant challenge to
install, configure and support a wide variety of distributions on
Laptops. The challenge areas come in support for wireless
interface, fully accelerated graphics display with external VGA
support, power management, integration of special shortcut keys
(e.g., browser key) and general support for external peripherals.
We are certainly able to leverage knowledge gained on one
distribution while supporting various distributions. But there are
always differences in the distributions, which requires us to do
specific customizations per distribution.

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