Ubuntu 11.10 launch interview – Unity is here to stay

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“You mention making the concept of Lenses clearer – what
are the best examples of real-world uses of Lenses in Ubuntu?

“For a few months now there’s been a Help Lens, which is a Lens
that accesses Ask Ubuntu – an external site with lots of help
and support queries and answers for Ubuntu. So, a Lens uses the
same interface, more or less, as the Dash, so users don’t have to
learn a new interface in order to access different types of

“With this release, we’re bringing out the Music Lens, which
offers a Dash-like experience and allows you to use the search bar
to search for, let’s say, Abba – it’ll display all the Abba
that you have locally on your machine, and it’ll also display any
Abba available in the Ubuntu One cloud, and then also it will
– and I’m not quite sure if this is going to land at release,
or just after – but basically it’ll also allow you to access
all the Abba that’s available on the Amazon Music Store or on the
Ubuntu One Music Store, so I can purchase that directly within the
same Lens.

“Once purchased that music will be made available through to
Ubuntu One Cloud so I can stream that music to my local Banshee
player on Ubuntu or I can play it on my iPhone or on my Android
device, or however I choose to listen to my music. So, that
represents a breakdown of where my music is available, how I access
this music – so basically we’re sort of elevating the content
away from the operating system. We’re starting to see that in
various real ways that we hope people will find convenient and

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