Ubuntu Aims for Linux Desktop Unity

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“The next release of Ubuntu Linux could have a very
different interface than regular Linux desktop users are used to
seeing. Ubuntu Founder Mark Shuttleworth today announced that the
Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwal release would use the Unity interface as
its default Linux desktop shell. To date, Unity has been available
to Ubuntu users as a netbook-focused user interface.

“Shuttleworth announced the dramatic change at the Ubuntu
Developer Summit (UDS), which kicked off today in Florida. In
addition to the new desktop, Shuttleworth also announced a new
effort to enable Ubuntu users to sponsor open source projects with
financial donations. Shuttleworth’s overall goal is to continue to
improve the quality of Ubuntu Linux as well as the broader
ecosystem of open source projects on which it relies.

“The move to Unity on the desktop will provide Ubuntu users that
have 3D capable hardware with a new desktop experience that is
different than the typical GNOME desktop. Though Unity is not
technically part of the GNOME project, Shuttleworth noted that
Unity is a shell for GNOME and it will run all the same
applications that run on GNOME today. He also stressed that Ubuntu
remains committed to GNOME, and the move to use Unity for Ubuntu
11.04 should be seen in a positive light.”

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