Ubuntu Bug Reporting

“In a previous LJ article I noted that an apparent long term bug
had again resurfaced in Ubuntu 10.10. This is a problem in the
driver for some of the Atheros wireless chipsets which essentially
renders those machines unusable. What I did not discuss in that
article was the incredible frustration involved with attempting to
submit a bug report to the Ubuntu developers. I’ll describe that
process here.

“Let’s say that you have discovered a problem in Ubuntu: what do
you do? Well, I went to http://www.ubuntu.com/ to look for their
bug reporting system. So far, so good, there is a “Get support”
link right in the middle of the page. Click. Now I’m on a page that
offers to point me in the direction of free support from on-line
forums, or to sell me “professional support services”. Fair enough,
everybody expects Canonical should be able to make a Krugerrand or
two out of their distro business.”