Ubuntu.com: Ubuntu 6.06 Beta Released

“The Ubuntu team is proud to present the beta release of Ubuntu
6.06 (Dapper Drake). With Ubuntu 6.06 Beta comes loads of bug
fixes, a new Look-and-Feel, a new Live-CD installer, GNOME 2.14.1
and much more.

“We are now in the final stages of Ubuntu 6.06 development.
Everything is stabilizing and Ubuntu 6.06 will certainly be a
top-notch professional OS. With a five year support cycle Ubuntu
6.06 will provide enterprise users with a platform upon which to
build solutions and products that will be beneficial for years to
come. Today April 20th 2006 brings us Ubuntu 6.06 Beta, the first
beta release intended for wide spread testing. Ubuntu 6.06 is the
result of many months of hard work to deliver a solid, usable and
reliable operating system to everyone for free. Take a tour of all
the great new features then download a copy for yourself and give
it a try…”