Unix Review: VMware Workstation 4.0.5

[ Thanks to Marcel
for this link. ]

“Part of what I do involves trying out and working with a large
number of Linux distributions. It’s important for me to know what’s
out there and how it compares with other products. When I’m not
being a writer, I run a small computer consulting business that
makes similar demands. My customers expect me to support and work
in a number of different environments and operating systems.

“For me and others like me, what often happens is that we have
several machines running various operating systems so that we have
ready access to proper test environments. In some cases, the
solution is to have a spare machine for testing — one on
which you install and uninstall various operating systems. A better
solution would be to have all these machines on your main system
and access whichever operating system you needed at the time,
preferably without rebooting. That’s where VMware comes into


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