UNR 10.10 Maverick Meerkat – Don’t touch this!

“After being tremendously pleased with Maverick, as it ran
superbly on both standard PC and even Mac, and loving the UNR 10.04
Lucid on my eeePC netbook, I figured Maverick Netbook Remix edition
could only be a doubly double win for me. And so I tried it.

“I decided to test the distribution on my Asus machine, having
no fear my personal data would be harmed, as I have created
separate root and home partitions. I downloaded the edition, burned
it to a USB stick and let it boot. After a few seconds, I was
looking at a whole new concept of UI and I was really liking what I

“This new UI is called Unity and it is based on Gnome. It’s
supposed to be smart and modern and make good use of resources at
hand. Now, UNR Maverick is designed to run on netbooks, i.e. little
vertical space. The desktop panels placed on top or bottom encroach
on the precious real estate, so we can’t have that. Maverick solves
the problem by shifting the panel to the left.”