Updated: Open Source Design Competition: $100,000

“Greg Wilson is coordinating the Software Carpentry
project’s “Open Source Design Competition” with prizes totaling

“The Software Carpentry project will address these issues by
creating a new generation of interoperable, easy-to-use software
engineering tools, and by documenting both the tools and the
worknig practices they are meant to support. All of the project’s
designs, tools, test suites, and documentation will be available
under the terms of an Open Source license…”

“The Advanced Computing Laboratory at the U.S. Department of
Energy’s Los Alamos National Laboratory is providing $860,000 of
funding for Software Carpentry in 2000-01. These funds are being
administered by Code Sourcery, LLC…”

“The first stage of the Software Carpentry project is a design
competition, which offers a total of $100,000 in prize money for
entries in four categories:

  • a dependency management and program reconstruction tool to
    replace make;
  • a platform investigation and project reconfiguration tool to
    replace autoconf;
  • a testing framework to replace tools such as XUnit, Expect, and
    DejaGnu; and
  • an issue tracking system to replace gnats and bugzilla.”

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