Use Live USB Creator to install Fedora 12 from a USB stick

“Linux runs great on netbooks, but unfortunately most of them
come without an optical drive of any kind which can make it a
challenge to install an operating system on them. Unless you have
an external DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive to connect to them, the ideal
solution would be to boot from a USB stick.

“Since most modern computers, if not all of them, permit booting
from a USB device, this makes for a simple solution. Not only that,
USB devices can be used multiple times, unlike the DVD you burn an
ISO to and use a handful of times.

“Fedora makes it very easy to create a bootable USB stick with
the Live USB Creator tool. You can use an existing Fedora
installation, and probably any other Linux distribution, to run the
tool. There is even a Windows application to allow for creating a
Fedora-based bootable USB stick as well.”

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