Using Linux to Overcome Comcast’s Policy of FUD

“Attempt One: Illegal stuff.

“Okay… It turns out that there are loads of illegal things
which can be done to circumvent ISP security (which I admittedly
knew little about before). Since changing my IP address is
perfectly legal and easy… I think it’s safe to assume that
Comcast’s usage monitoring operates at the Data Link layer (MAC
addresses, frames, etc…) and thus my usage profile is probably
tied to the MAC address of my modem. My first thought was to spoof
somebody elses MAC address using something like *cough*SIGMA*cough*
… but I’m really not into flashing leased modems with JTAG and so
I decided this idea was just too involved and illegal and bad to
try out myself (and I’m NOT encouraging anyone else to try this,
either). I also found a bunch of other cool (and illegal) things
like ARP poisoning… but those aren’t really related to quota
management (and I’m not condoning them either). In short, and since
I really needed my Internet connection, I decided to opt for a
free, safe, and legal way of keeping tabs on my bandwidth usage so
I could at least live in peace knowing exactly how much I had

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