Using The Haraka Mail Server

[ Thanks to Andrew
for this link. ]

“Haraka, a lightweight SMTP server focused on performance,
simplicity and modularity. The Haraka mail server uses plugins
built from Javascript to facilitate speed and modularity. The
concept of plugins (modules) allows an administrator to implement
only those plugins which are needed.

“Haraka is an interesting project which yields a lightweight
fast mail server with some limitations, especially in terms of
queuing. The installation is simple enough though several other
dependencies must be installed. One of the biggest liabilities is
that Haraka does not have adequate documentation. Getting simple
plugins to work means guessing on how to make some aspects work as
there is no information. And, since few people are using Haraka,
the second big liability, it is tough finding answers and difficult
estimating the real value of Haraka as a production option. On
other hand, Haraka is a simple program that one can basically guess
what the correct answers to problems are.”