Using Wii remote with Android Device- Taking Gaming to the Next Level

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this link. ]

“Compatible device: Though this technique works great on smart
phones as well as tablets, it is not supported by all devices. This
is because HTC and Samsung fiddle with the Bluetooth protocol. But
if your Android doesn?t support it, you can root your device. Here
is a list of devices that support the app (and a list of device
that do not support it). And if your phone isn?t listed here, you
can simply download the app and try it. It won?t cost you

“Wii mote: You can?t play with a Wii mote if you don?t have

“Ok so, now we have the stuff… let?s begin. Download and
install Wii mote controller. Run the app and activate it using
language & keyboard settings. Turn the Bluetooth on (this is
how the two devices will pair). Now you need to do what you would
normally do with Wii- press 1 and 2 buttons so that the Wii mote
can turn on. Now when the Wii mote is working fine, in the app,
press option 1 to connect. By this time, the Wii mote would be
looking for the signal.”

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