Using Youtube to Promote Linux and Free Software

[ Thanks to Rex
for this link. ]

“It is very clear to me that Linux, GNU, and free
software are more popular than ever. It is also very clear that
this makes a lot of people in high places very afraid. Patent
lawsuits and propaganda seem to be the customary responses to
Linux’s ever increasing popularity. However, there is a great
infrastructure that has been built that provides a powerful
platform to combat the Linux-naysayers: Youtube. With billions
(perhaps trillions) of video views, it is very clear that Youtube
has become the dominant force for spreading information freely. I
recently produced a 3 part video series on C++ programming that I
posted onto Youtube. I produced the entire video series on my
Fedora 13 Linux laptop using free software. What more powerful
demonstration could I have come up with to prove that Linux is
indeed ready for the prime time? In fact, the only problem that I
ran into along the way was Youtube’s inability to process my Ogg
Theora videos, the default file format on my system. In this
article, I will talk about my experience, and what it means for the
future of Linux on the desktop.

“First and foremost, I am a C++ programmer. Linux has provided
me a great platform on which to do this. As I went about my
programming tasks, I began to realize how powerful a promotional
tool it could be if I showed other people what I could DO with my
Linux system.”

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