Vinyl + Audacity = MP3

“If all you want to do is create MP3 files from you LP tracks,
the only software you’ll need is Audacity. If you want to convert
vinyl to CD, you’ll need cdrdao and cdrecord as well. All are
readily available in most distributions’ package repositories or
from the projects’ sites.

“Next, you need to connect your computer to your turntable.
There are many ways to do this. In my case, I connected a cable
that has a headphone jack on one end and RCA type audio jacks on
the other end to my mic jack on my laptop and the preamp on the
stereo, respectively. An iPod cable would work if your stereo has a
headphone jack. If you have the option of connecting a digital
cable to the amplifier on your stereo and computer, then you are
truly lucky. This option will give you the most accurate
reproduction of your records. However, since vinyl was not
necessarily known for its acoustic perfection, a headphone jack
will suffice for most people.”


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