VNU Net: Compaq chooses Novell NDS as high-end meta directory

“Cross-platform support scores for NDS. Compaq last week
rejected Microsoft Active Directory and adopted Novell NDS as its
preferred standard high-end directory server.”

“Tony Harvey, product marketing manager for industry-standard
servers at Compaq, said the company chose NDS over Active
Directory as it is better in cross-platform environments:
is very robust and has higher scalability than Active Directory. It
is here now and is already very well established.’

Dan Kusnetzky, director of research for operating systems and
serverware at analyst IDC, said: ‘Without a directory Compaq would
have to write one. It is much better to partner with a company like
Novell that already has a directory.’ He said that NDS is already
proven, and speculated that Active Directory may never support as
many platforms.”

“Compaq will optimise its ProLiant servers for NDS on NetWare,
NT and Linux platforms. It will port 64-bit NDS to Tru64 on its
Alpha platform.”

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