Vyatta 10 Gigabit Open Router Throws Down Gauntlet for Cisco

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“Vyatta Inc., an upstart open networking company vying to take
on mighty Cisco Systems Inc., reported recently that its beta
version 4 router software achieved a 10 gigabit (Gbit) throughput,
nearly 10 times the scalability of version 3, qualifying it for
mission-critical applications, according to CEO Kelly Herrell. The
test was performed on an IBM’s X3550 server and a Neterion Xframe E
10 gigabit Ethernet card using open standard hardware.

“Due for release in the next few months, version 4 will be
powerful enough for use in data centers and wide area network (WAN)
deployments, and offer twice the expansion capacity of the Cisco
7200 router series at a quarter of the cost, Herrell said. The
independent Tolly Report quantified the difference as a tenfold
price-to-performance advantage for Vyatta…”

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