WapIT Ltd announces the Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway version 0.2

Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway version 0.2

The WapIT Open Source WAP and SMS gateway works as both an SMS
gateway, for implementing keyword based services via GSM text
messages, and a WAP gateway, via UDP. The SMS part is fairly
mature, the WAP part is very early in its development. In this
release, the GET request for WML pages via HTTP works, and the
phone receives a compiled WML page. This is enough for serving
simple, static WML pages. WMLScript and other request types are not
supported. Only the data call bearer (UDP) is supported, not

See http://www.wapgateway.org for
details and source code. (Debian and Red Hat packages to be made
for later releases.)

WAP is short for Wireless Application Protocol, and is a much
hyped way of making applications for mobile phones. GSM is the
mobile phone standard for most of Europe and parts of the rest of
the world, including USA.

Improvements to Gateway release 0.1:

  • pre-alpha level WAP functionality (but see README).
  • Automake/autoconf now used (thanks to Patrick Schaaf).
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Upcoming features:

  • The rest of WAP functionality:
  • Other request types.
  • Capabilities.
  • Session suspend and resume.
  • WAP SMS support (February 2000?)
  • Dynamically loadable service definitions, new SMSC connections
    and other similar things