Warning Themes – Interesting Concept to Make “Being Root Scary” for Newbie Lin

[ Thanks to kiterunner for this link.

“We have seen such interesting desktop modification
concepts like right click menu alternative mockup, creative button
concepts by IZO design etc. Warning themes concept is another
interesting idea worth a look. The rationale behind the concept to
make it clear to the user that, opening something like a
filebrowser as root is not the ‘normal’ way to do things and such
actions could damage their system.

“Themes to Make Being Root Scary

“The original idea can be found at Ubuntu Artwork Concepts page.
And its like an year old, the last edit to this wiki page was done
in early 2009. But I think, it’s still an interesting idea
especially if you haven’t heard about it before.

“The Concept

“Opening applications with sudo is becoming more common and many
quite inexperienced users are finding instructions to do so on
forums, blogs etc. It should be clear to a user when opening
something like a filebrowser as root that they are able to do
damage to their system and that it is not the ‘normal’ way to do

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